How To Sell eBooks a Beginners Guide

This was an old first draft of what was going to be an eBook about self motivation and building passive income streams with eBooks.

I have since decided not to publish any more eBooks and so am putting this up free on this blog as part of my eBook Sales Series to help people.

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I will aim to show you how to create, build and expand your own Passive Income streams using eBooks.

First let me tell you about how I came to first discover passive income.

I first learnt that you could get a commission for selling other people’s products online.  So I eagerly began trying to sell products I found to be interesting to people I thoImageught would like them.

I spent hours every day plugging away in what seemed like a pointless and hopeless dream.

But then one day I had an email.


It wasn’t much.  In fact it was just $8 which I was delighted with.

Not that $8 is much but the fact that all my hard work had not been for nothing.  I knew in that moment that I had a future selling on the internet.

ImageBut there was a problem.  I live in the UK, which on its own is not a problem.

However when I took my measly $8 to the bank to be cashed I was in for a nasty surprise.

I was excited, thrilled and pumped about my first money earned online from affiliate marketing.

Even though it was a tiny amount and I would maybe only enjoy a good coffee with my proceeds it was my money that I earned.

I turned nothing into $8 dollars.  If I could do that 1000 times then suddenly I have a nice chunk of change.

I went to the bank and walked up to the cashier’s desk and handed her my check.

ImageShe said ‘$8 is worth £4 but there is processing fee of £10’

So there I was feeling very silly, my ego burst, that excitement gone.

I had just gone from earning my first $8 to actually being £6 down because of the exchange rate.

So I had made -4 GBP

Even so I wasn’t going to give up.  I took that check home and spent a little time wallowing in my own pity.

I blamed the government for setting the currency conversion fee. Image

I blamed the bank for charging the fee.

I blamed the product owner for not having made me enough sales.

I even blamed my mother for moving to the UK.

Then I continued to blame everyone for something and I concluded that it doesn’t matter how hard you try the world is ganged up against me to make sure I NEVER succeed.

Then I gave myself a long slap and went for a long walk.

Somehow I had let myself go from excited and thrilled about my small check to totally depressed.  I don’t even know how I let myself get that way but I did and I just wanted to quit.   

A burning sensation welled up behind my eyes as I allowed my emotions to go out of control.  I almost didn’t put up that I cried because I now recognise how pathetic it was.

My eyes were so wet with tears that I could not see clearly.

I sat crying for a while then decided to put this emotion to good use.  

I had a change in my mindset

I now wanted to put the determination and persistence I had just put into crying over losing $8 ( I know pathetic right).

But, I wanted to put it into succeeding. 

You see that raw emotion had taken me on a journey where I quickly got myself in a place where I could do anything.

No matter how hard, how painful.  Image

I could do anything.

I was determined.

I got myself back home and set to work.

I had made money online.  True I had also technicaly lost it too but the point still remained if I could do this 100 times I’d have $800 make it monthly and I have a nice income.

Make it weekly and I’m laughing all the way to the bank….

Instead of crying away from it like a pathetic little school girl.

Every day I told myself ‘You can do this.  You WILL do this.  And You have to do this.’

That helped me stay on track and fight off negative thoughts.

A guy called Scot Geller is very big on self-motivation and I know why.


In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can.

Nikos Kazantzakis
And when you are self motivated with enough intensity you

can do anything.

I was motivated by a deep hard cutting emotion that was tarring me up inside.

I even cringe now thinking back on it.  However, by talking myself up every day I was able to get my mind into a similarly powerful state but taking positive actions.

I used this and a few other strategies to start taking action.

Another strategy I used was to shortcut any negative thinking with some bizarre tricks.  These tricks have been proven by leading psychologists to work.  I know this because I learnt them directly from one of the world’s leading psychologists, Anthony Giddens while studying Psychology at the London School of Economics.


So here’s my formula



All of the following can be done in 1 day and should be repeated each day for maximum success.

  1. Find a Product to sell (later we will create our own eBook to sell from the same account).  On

First you need to sign up to Clickbank. (If you are already a member ignore this step and go to the next.)



Fill out the details.




Answer the questions you must answer How are you planning to use this specific ClickBank account.  The rest are optional.  For this question answer both as we will be creating an eBook of our own to sell.


Scroll to the bottom and click Submit Survey.



Go to the email account you registered with.  Open the email.


Click the verification link.


Got to the marketplace.

Search for something that you are interested in or have been looking for.

I have a baby that has bad colic so I need a solution to colic, preferably natural.

Search colic.

Set Filters for best product:

I set search to most popular

Initial sale to $18 minimum

Avg % of sale to 60% minimum.

Which leaves me with two options.  I like the look of the second so will check it out.


The site itself is very basic but the real test is does it work?  The best way to know is to buy the product and try it myself.  There is also a testimonial video actually showing it working which will be great for converting potential buyers.


Buy it try it out (very important stage don’t try and skip the purchase how can you honestly recommend something you have never tried?).  In this example the product has some merit but is by no means a miracle cure.  I’m happy that it is worthy of buying and did not feel the urge to ask for a refund.

2. Build an offer site with free bonus if opt in.

Go To only $3.95


Click Get Started Now

Select the plan that suits you best.  If you are going to do this many times which will give you multiple chances to make money but also multiple workload.  Then I recommend the the Plus plan.  For just a single site use Starter.


 4. Add an Aweber or Getresponse opt in form to collect email.

Add the affiliate link to your offer on the THANK YOU PAGE!

We will be driving traffic to the new site using Buzzbundle.  The aim is to build a list which we can sell to over and over (and ultimately start selling our own products).

Do Not pitch to the subscribers!  They are looking for free items.  Anyone interested will buy through the Thank You Page.

5. Add to article sites that you can earn money from.

You get paid $100 for a 1000 word article and get to promote your site.  Which is great for earning an upfront payment while you promote your new blog. Image

5. Write a good quality post and submit to several authority blogs in that niche,

Make sure to write something that adds value to the site and is relevant to their audience.

In my example I will go to google and search for ‘mum blogs’

In the first results I have over 100 top parenting blogs that I can try and pitch to. 

I will go to each one at a time and study the content write a relevant guest post for each then write a related article for my new blog which I link to from the Guest post.   

6. Post on forums in related niche. 

Only post on threads that are related to your new site and product your promoting.  Also always try to add value, i.e don’t just spam your link everywhere, the same goes for guestposting and buzzbundle mentioned above.

And that’s it end your day with a little reward.  (I like chocolate… A LOT!  So that’s my reward usually)

And repeat the promotion steps above for the same blog next day.

The aim here is to have multiple properties that earn you passive income in small amounts while you build a list.   After all this you should have an email list that you can promote to for years, (and ultimately write your own ebook for Clickbank just for that list I will post more on how to Launch your eBooks and earn stable income with it later on).

This is all I did and I went from $8 and being suicidal to an $8 Million Dollar Business.

Note $8 Million is the business valuation a well-known Speaker, Entrepreneur, general Guru and Personal friend of mine made based on my annual earnings I do not make $8 Million per year.  (Sorry guys I do not have permission to name drop here.)

If you follow the tips above every day for a year you should be making $1K a month at least you should be able to earn more than that even if you take 6 months out which is what I did before starting this blog.

I want to hear from those who are making well over that amount.  ImageI love hearing success stories.  Please send me yours I might even include your site in one of mine as a testimonial if you ask me.


You may want to keep a Success Journal


Just like see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil you need to protect yourself from people and ideas that will bring you down.

Stay focused and keep plugging away until you make it.

ImageThe Gurus and self-proclaimed experts want you to believe that making money is both supper easy but supper complicated both at the same time. 

They want you to follow them to the ends of the earth.

Like the old wizards and alchemists they wish to lead you astray with the lure of some mystical solution or fantom push button money maker. 

I’m going to break the mould.

ImageIt’s Not Easy

It’s Not Magic

There Is No Easy Way.

Passive Income is Hard Work!

Money Doesn’t Come Easy.

You Have Too and Can Grab Money When You Have The Chance.

You may feel like you’re down and out but you need to look at the long game, this is a slow and steady approach to creating a reasonable income online using Passive Income. 


But don’t feel discouraged.

Keep creating new Promo-Blogs and keep driving traffic.  Keep collecting emails and running your email marketing.

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Many people that try to make it online have a lottery mentality. Don’t be one of them.

The aim with these Promo-Blogs is to earn a few extra Dollars each month.  Lets say you can earn $400 per month from each Promo-Blog.

How many would you build?

Lets say it takes you two months to build that Promo-Blog effectively.  Again how many would you build?  6 a year would be $2,400 per month after the first year $4,800 per month in the second year.

After 10 years you would be earning $24,000 each month.  Which is no joke.  Think of what you could do with that kind of money!

I started off by telling you about my roller-coaster ride of a beginning.  Where I first worked hard to earn $8 and how that turned out to be -£6.

Then I tumbled into disperse and wanted to end my life.

I told you about that not because gaining $8 is tragic or because -£6 is worthy of killing one’s self because it is not.


I told you about this because that is one of the ways I learned ( the hard way ) that your emotions are powerful and that if you are not driving yourself forward constantly you can easily tumble off a cliff just like I did.

One of the many lessons I learned from that was never to Procrastinate.

It opens the door to too much negativity.

Now you know that in 10 years you could be earning $24,000 each month if you build 6 $400 per month Promo-Blogs each year.

All you need to do is stop.

Stop the excuses!

Stop time-wasting!

Stop delaying, hoping and dreaming!

Take action today, tomorrow, the next day and every day after that.

Stay tuned for the post where I show you how to turn your promo blogs into your own eBooks and Sell them.

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